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"Your premier contractor for providing residential and commercial concrete core drilling, concrete sawing, GPR scanning and construction services throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia."

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     We provide concrete cutting and scanning services throughout Maryland, Virginia and the DC metro area.  Our staff has over 30 years in contracting experience and specialize in working with occupied spaces as well as new construction.  We focus on keeping the work area and surrounding tenant spaces clean and safe.  

     We use the latest equipment and technology and keep up with the training of these  products and services as it comes available.  One of our main objectives while working for you is to perform the requested work in the cleanest and safest possible manor.  Not only do we perform the work, we assist you in reaching your goal.  Such as checking below a core hole location to assure that there are no obstructions such as vents, ducts, pipes or other items in the way of your work. We always take the time to verify or search for the exact location of the hole below to catch the core/debris and to provide water control.  We do this by using  Hilti laser measuring devices and Hilti hole spotters .  Not only to be safe but clean as well. 

     When needed we use a vacuum setup on our drilling rigs which allows us to use suction to secure out rigs to the floor.  This eliminates the need to use a hammer drill and anchor which can be quite noisy with the impact sound traveling throughout the building.  As well, there is no damage to the floor and no anchor left behind.  This is a must when securing to a nicely finished floor such as marble, granite, tile or another floor where there can be no “extra” holes left by anchoring your rig.

Concrete Core Drilling

     We specialize in core drilling many materials such as concrete, cement, brick, CMU (block), tile, marble, stone and many others.  The cores can be in diameters of 1/2" to 16" and higher.  Typical sizes usually come in half inch increments.  We are able to special order other sizes (such as 1-1/4” or 3-3/4" and so on) if we dont already have them in stock from a previous job.  Cores holes can be used for many purposes such as plumbing pipes, electrical conduits, electrical poke-through’s, communication cables, ventilation ducts or other items you may need to get through a wall or floor.  We also drill granite countertops for faucets and fixtures.  Be sure to ask about our GPR scanning services so we can safely drill through the floor or in some cases the wall.  This is to avoid cutting electrical lines, tension cables or other items that may be imbeded below the surface.  To find out more about our drilling services click Core Drilling or give us a call.

Concrete Sawing

  • Flat Sawing - Typically for trenching or demolition.  A flat blade is used to make linear cuts.  Many different saws can be used and can cut at depths up to around 12" deep.
  • Wall Sawing - Typically for windows and doors. A blade and motor is placed on a track lined up with the cut lines.  Both horizontal and vertical cuts can be made.  Several tracks can be placed for long cuts.  
  • Hand Sawing - Is a type of flat sawing.  Hand saws are used when larger walk behind saws or wall saws can not be used.  They can cut dry or wet and are can be circular or chain saw blades.

     To find out more about our concrete sawing services click Concrete Sawing or give us a call.

GPR Scanning

     A non-destructive method of inspecting concrete floor or wall slabs for items such as rebar, post tension, conduits and other pipes or items that may be within the slab.  It is an alternative to and has many benefits over X-Ray which can be very limited.  To find out more about our GPR scanning services click GPR Scanning or give us a call.

Fire Stopping

     A fire prevention system made of fire resistant materials to seal openings and joints surrounding items such as plumbing, electrical conduits, vents and other items penetrating walls or floors.  To find out more about our fire stop services click Fire Stopping or give us a call.


     We are able to install many types of anchoring in several materials.  Anchors can be set in concrete, masonry, asphalt, brick and CMU (block).  Typical items to be anchored are signs, seating, lighting, brackets and many other items you would like to secure.  To find out more about our anchoring services click Anchoring or give us a call.


     Can usually invlove sawing prior to removal.  We are able to demo most construction materials such as concrete, bricks, CMU (block), plaster and many other materials.  Typical demo items could be sidewalks, driveways, walkways, walls, floor slabs, trenches and many others.  To find out more about our demolition services click Demolition or give us a call.


     We are able to repair or replace damages you may have to existing concrete areas as well as brick and CMU (block) structures.  To find out more about our concrete repair services click Concrete Repairs or give us a call.

New (Pouring)

     If you have a need for a new concrete structure we can pour new sidewalk, driveways, machine pads, trench filling, and similar low volume pours.  To find ou more about the types of concrete stuctures we pour click Concrete Pouring or give us a call.  (Note: We do not pour foundations or footings.)

Our mission: “Service, above and beyond”

When we are on a job we treat your project as if we were working on our own homes.  We are extremely clean and courteous and provide the level of quality and service we would expect if it were our project!

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