Concrete Construction Services

Do it right the first time!  Use our GPR services to determine if the location is clear of conduits, rebar, tension cables or other items.

Concrete, Core Drilling, Sawing, GPR, Scanning, Fire stop, Anchoring, Demolition, Repairs, Pouring

     We provide concrete cutting and scanning services throughout Maryland, Virginia and the DC metro area.  Our staff has over 30 years in contracting experience and specialize in working with occupied spaces.  Keeping the work area clean and safe is always high priority.

Core Drilling Services

     We specialize in core drilling concrete, cement, brick, CMU (block), tile, marble, stone and many other materials.  We cary a variety of core sizes and can get larger upon request.  Be sure to ask about our GPR scanning services so we can safely drill without damaging electrical conduits, tension cables, rebar or other items that may be imbeded in the surface. 

GPR Scanning Services

     Nobody wants costly repairs, down time or delays.  GPR is a non-destructive method of inspecting surfaces and to identify items such as rebar, post tension cables, conduits or other obstructions.  It is an alternative to X-Ray and does not use radiation of any kind.  

Concrete Sawing

     We are able to perform flat sawing as well as wall sawing using a variety of equipment such as walk behind saws, hand held cut saws and concrete chain saws.  We can demo the cut concrete if necessary.  

Fire Stopping

    Many State or local laws require fire prevention in new and existing penetrations and there are strict rules and regulations with the installation process.  We install a variety of products.  


     We are able to install many types of anchoring products in large variety of materials.  Typical items to be anchored are signs, seating, railing, lighting, brackets and many other items you would like to secure.  


     Can usually invlove sawing prior to removal.  We are able to demo many construction materials such as concrete, bricks, CMU (block), plaster and many other materials.  Typical demo items could be sidewalks, driveways, walkways, walls, floor slabs, trenches and many other areas needing to be cleared. 


     We are able to repair or replace existing concrete surfaces as well as brick and CMU (block) structures.  You may have a cracked or chipped sidewalk or driveway.  We can remove and install new bricks or blocks from a wall.  

Our mission: “Service, above and beyond”

When we are on a job we treat your project as if we were working on our own homes.  We are extremely clean and courteous and provide the level of quality and service we would expect if it were our project!

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