Services - some of the services we offer our customers.

We are capable of performing many tasks when it comes to working with concrete.  From core drilling a few holes for plumbing or electric to cutting out a garage door opening or a new set of doors.  In addition to coring and cutting we also scan the concrete using GPR (ground penetrating radar) to mark objects embeded in the slab such as rebar, post tension cables, conduits, wires and plumbing.  GPR can also detect voids and cracks.  The best thing is you don’t need to get to both sides of the slab. 

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We can also perform concrete repairs, selective demolition, install anchoring systems,  fire stopping, and even pouring.  It's not just concrete we work with.  We work with CMU blocks, bricks and mortar, asphalt and many other materials.  As well we can repair any of the above materials and even drill holes in your granite countertop.  Below are a few types of services we can provide to you.  If you need help with your next project give us a call.

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