Concrete Sawing

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Concrete sawing, chiefly is concerned with the sawing of reinforced concrete, brick work, natural and cast stone such as marble by using concrete blades or wires. These cutting applications usually consist of creating openings in walls or the cutting or trenching or floors. At QUICKBIT we are able to perform a variety of cutting operations on many different surfaces. For more information please see the Concrete Sawing section in the Services area on this site.

Circular diamond-tipped blades are mounted onto a range of power units such as walk-behind slab saws for cutting or trenching level surfaces, track-mounted wall saws for cutting steep or vertical inclines, or handheld units when the larger machines are not practical for areas with tight constraints on accessibility.

The purpose of slab sawing may include creating space for expansion joints, to make openings for ducts, elevator shaft work, stairwells, machine decks, trenching or to cut trenches or channels for plumbing or electrical etc... Slab sawing is also used for demolition.

We also perform street sawing.  Road sawing is done by diamond blades on machines that are usually powered by gasoline, diesel, electric, or hydraulic engines. Road sawing is used to cut asphalt and concrete roads for the purpose of installing drainage channels, plumbing, power and communications cables etc… Road saws usually feature a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk-behind machine that requires only one operator. Cutting depths will usually range from 1” to several feet and the lengths are endless of course.

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