Fire Stopping

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fire stop, fire stopping

Fire stopping is when you install fire proof materials into openings such as gaps around electric or plumbing penetrations between floors or walls.  Firestopping materials have a rating depending on both the material and item itself such as a two - four hour rating and so on.  Types or openings are typically:

  • Structural through penetrations
  • Unpenetrated openings for future use
  • Hollow wall joints
  • HVAC duct work
  • Electric cabling or conduits through walls or floors
  • Plumbing pipes running through walls or floors
  • Many other spaces between areas

The types of materials can vary depending on the amount of space or gap and the types of rooms they are.  Some applications may be:

  • Cementitious mortar
  • Mineral fibers
  • Some rubber compounds
  • Firestop pillows
  • Silicone caulking or paste
  • Mechanical stops

* * Note * * We do not do spray fireproofing for walls and/or floors.

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