GPR Scanning (an xRay alternative!)

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Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is not xRay and does not use radiation.  GPR uses radio waves to detect buried objects in concrete, block, asphalt or any non-metallic surfaces including soil and rocks. There are a lot of benefits to using GPR. One of the big benefits is that it is much safer and you do not have to clear people from the area of building.  It is much cheaper to use and faster providing immediate results.  And of course, you do not need to have access to both sides of the surface being scanned.  Using our GPR equipment we are able to detect embedded or buried objects including rebar, tension cables, power lines, conduit, plastic pipes and more. Our technicians are well trained in the interpretation of data that is collected during a GPR scan. We will leave the scanned area mapped out with all information drawn onto the scanned surface so you are able to determine where objects are within the scanned area. Color Print-out’s and computer image files are available upon request. There is a ton of valuable resources on our GPR site so please visit our GPR Scanning site.

At QUICKBIT we use the most advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Ferrous metal concrete scanning technology for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). The systems we use coupled with highly experienced operators result in very accurate location, depth and identification of materials in any and all concrete structures. We provide real time scanning results for our customers so that we can identify any potential problems immediately and work with them to select suitable locations on the spot. This saves both time and money, and ensures our clients have a working solution to their problem before we leave the site.

We only use equipment that is safe to use around people. GPR imaging has none of the safety concerns or set up requirements that you will get with xRay. While on a job, we are able to perform our scans without interfering with our customers business. We are able to scan around sensitive electronics, computer equipment and hospital measuring devices without any negative results to these systems. This, coupled with our high mobility and quick set up time, allows us to perform the scanning tasks very quickly during normal business hours.

For more information and resources visit our GPR site!

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