Concrete Repairs

Providing residential and commercial concrete core drilling, concrete sawing, GPR Scanning and construction services throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.

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Over time all concrete is going to crack, wear, chip, break off or become unstable.  It may be a worn set of concrete stairs (picture above top-left), part of a sidewalk that roots have cracked or chipped and lifted, settlement cracks etc…  We can repair these areas by cutting away the damaged areas and replacing the concrete by installing reinforcement to the existing concrete and bonding new concrete to fill in where the old was removed.  In some cases we may be able to patch and bond cement materials to the area and resurface if necessary.  For cracks we will perform what is called "crack chasing" which is grinding the crack open a little wider, applying a bonding agent to the existing surfaces and installing a fibre bonding cement to the crack and brushing it in to even out the patch.  

Here are some of the types of repairs we perform:

  • Cracked concrete - when concrete slabs, garage floors, decks, sidewalks we are able to either fill using a crack filler or grind (crack chase) them and fill with a bonding cement.  If the cracks are deep, wide or both we may need to chip them out further and fill with bonding agents.
  • Chipped concrete - there are many reasons for concrete to chip.  The temperature may have been too cold during the pour, the concrete mix may have been too wet, it may have rained before curing, it may not have been properly troweled etc…  There are ways to re-coat these areas by applying a bonding agenda over these areas then applying a acrylic mix of cement materials to cover them.  We have successfully repaired a variaty of damaged surfaces using these methods.  
  • Raised sidewalks - this is a big problem in areas where there are trees.  The roots grow and push the concrete sidewalk or slab up and most of the time crack them.  These areas can be repaired by using the crack methods above.  The areas that have been raised can be grinded or planned down in most cases.  If they are too high that section may need to be removed and re-poured.  

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